Tips for Preventing Degenerative Disc Disease

Like every other part of your body, the discs of your spine are prone to degeneration and wear over the years. Repeated stress and physical damage all can easily cause these tough discs to become worn and painful. With enough degeneration, the discs can easily shift out of their proper location and squeeze key pieces of spinal anatomy. Luckily a combination of physical therapy and frequent physical activity can aid in assisting many who are suffering from back pain. However, it should be noted that in more severe cases that it is best to consider surgery in the form of artificial disc replacement.

There are typically two different types of surgery considered when it comes to the spine, spinal fusion, and an artificial disk replacement. Beverly Hills artificial disc replacement can easily have you feeling your best in little to no time. A fusion works by adjoining two different segments of the vertebrae together in attempt to stop any further shifting from occurring. This option isn’t the best for all cases though and that is where the disc replacement comes into the picture. Disc replacements are becoming increasingly common and surgeons are preferring to utilize that option instead.

There are an abundance of benefits that come with artificial disc replacement, especially when compared to the typical spinal fusion. Some examples of these fantastic benefits include a heightened amount of mobility. An artificial disc is designed with a normal spinal disc in mind and, as a result, it will enable patients to move as well as they were able to before their spinal issues popped up. The fusion will actually reduce mobility due to the fact that the vertebrate has been fused in multiple places.

When undergoing a surgery, everyone wants to know that they are in the very best hands possible and that the procedure is as safe as possible. Medical technology has rapidly approved over the years and has made procedures safer than they have ever been in the past. An artificial disc replacement is no different. They are very safe to have placed into the body and have been deemed to be very sturdy. This means that it is highly unlikely that the replacement disc will fail or have serious complications. This also significantly reduces the chances of additional; surgeries needing to take place again in the future. If you think that a spinal disc replacement may be the best option for you, consider reaching out to a local surgeon for Beverly Hills artificial disc replacement.… Read the rest