Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Like it or not, you and your employees spend a lot of time in the office. What’s more, the furniture you buy today at a Los Angeles office furniture store will most likely be around for years to come. Before you buy, take some time to consider some important factors that could affect your choices.

Specify Your Needs

First, take some time to write down everything you will be needing to place or store in your office. This will probably include desks, chairs, filing cabinets, conference tables and even a water cooler. To understand what your priorities need to be, think about your line of work, which will dictate the types and styles of furniture and equipment you will need to obtain.

Get the Lay of the Land

Before you do anything else, measure your space to get an idea of what will fit and where. Take note of the location of electrical outlets and light switches so that you don’t accidentally block them. Your goal is to create a space that is airy and open and not too crowded.

Pick Desks for Success

Desks come in many sizes and styles; today, you can even purchase standing models and those equipped with pedals or treadmills to encourage physical activity. In general, choose pieces that enhance your efficiency and enable you to integrate your computers and other technology. Since your cellphones, printers, computers and other devices will all have wires and cords, be sure to choose desks equipped with a cord management system that will keep everything under control. The furniture should also feature places where documents and small office equipment such as staplers and hole punches can be stored and may even include a section for a computer tower.

Choose the Proper Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs can mean the difference between agony and effortless productivity; it’s that simple. The best way to get the perfect seat is to go to a Los Angeles office furniture store and try several models out for yourself. Always opt for comfort over style since you and your employees will be spending countless hours in very close proximity to your chairs.

Organize Papers and Files

Your desks should not be the place where all of the things you and your employees don’t know what to do with end up. Purchasing file and storage cabinets is a must. They can be even more efficient when they are on wheels. If your work involves confidential materials, don’t forget to purchase locking cabinets as well.

Choose Versatile Colors

You might be tempted to be trendy and bold as you design the décor of your office setting. However, remember that you may have different tastes two or five years from now. You are much better off picking furniture in colors such as neutral shades of brown, gray or white. Also, keep your choices industry-appropriate.

Think of your office as your second home and that of the people who work for you. Your carefully selected furniture can transform it into a welcoming, comfortable space where well-being and productivity are key.
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