Find Your Perfect Self Storage Unit in Chicago

Renting storage units in the Chicago area is a great way to hold onto items you might not use every day but still want to keep. After looking at the wide selection of Storage units in Chicago, IL and choosing one that suits your needs, your next goal should be to set up your storage units so that you make use of every inch of the space you are paying for.

As dry as your space may be, you can’t guarantee that moisture won’t ever come in during heavy precipitation or thanks to the unit next door. Therefore, keep all of your items off the floor on pallets, and wrap everything in heavy plastic.

Get a good lock, preferably a padlock with a short arm. This will prevent someone with a bolt cutter from slicing their way into your unit.

Next, be sure that you have thoroughly labeled and organized all of your items. Don’t count on your memory; carefully detail all of the contents of each box on the outside. You can even make a list of item types and locations that you tape onto the door of the unit. The last thing you want to do is to spend hours pawing through all of your possessions to find the one you want.

Be mindful of the integrity of the unit itself. When the time comes to pack up your things and leave, you don’t want to be fined because you damaged the floors or walls of your unit. If you’re going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting and moving, cover the floor and walls with plastic beforehand.

Finally, pack everything in with care. Remember, you are paying not only for floor space but all the way to the ceiling. If you have lots of bags and boxes, figure out the most stable ways to stack them so that your vertical, as well as your horizontal space, is used to the fullest.

You have many choices in terms of Storage units in Chicago, IL. Once you put money down on the one that is ideal for you, be sure to get your money’s worth.
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