The Process of Having a Strong and Healthy Spine for Life

Are you at risk for developing a back condition? Do you suspect that you may have had a spinal attack in the past? Wrong posture during your working hours or even just at home can interrupt the process of healthy spinal development and may cause side effects like reduced sensation and muscle tingling. With the help of Austin artificial disc replacement surgeons, you can get often suggested surgery to relieve pressure on your nerves. Your back is considered healthy when it does not ache, you can turn easily and walk for a long period of time. You will know if you are experiencing spinal cord damage as numbness or tingling sensation in your extremities and feelings of weakness, which may even lead to paralysis. Here is the process of having a strong and healthy spine for life.

Exercise for spine health.

Spine health depends on proper alignment and movement at the joints. Inside your body there are muscles, tendons and ligaments that allow your bones to move in an optimal way. A well exercised back is a healthy spine because it has the right amount of strength needed to withstand the stresses of everyday life. A good workout plan can help you prevent back problems or even help you recovering from spinal cord damage after an injury or surgical procedure.

Safe lifting techniques.

When lifting heavy objects, whether at work or at home, be sure to bend your knees and use both of your arms for the purpose of distributing the weight on the surface of your body. By using your legs, you can control the position better and move with less effort. Not only will this save you from a back pain, it will also minimize chances of back injury. A lighter object is always better than a heavier one in case of emergency situations like floods or fires.

Disc Replacement Surgery

When you are suffering from back pain, it is important to get medical advice. Most of the time, the back pain is caused by a disc herniation where the disc comes out of its place and starts compressing on nerves or muscles.It is also important to know that a herniated disc can only get worse as time goes by and may lead to paralysis or even death.

When you are suffering from back pain, it is always important to consult your doctor in order to find an effective way of treatment. We understand how difficult it can be to live with lower back pain but there are solutions available for you. There are many benefits that go along with disc replacement surgery. It is a common procedure performed by our Austin artificial disc replacement surgeons and in most cases, it has been proven that patients need very little time before they can return back to their usual lifestyle.

Noel Langley