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How video to text transcription companies work

Anyone who is familiar with the social media site YouTube already has a reasonable understanding of the power of video where millions of viewers watch video broadcasts which are posted daily for the entire world to observe and learn.

Youtube Transcript

Video Transcriptions take any video in similar file formats and by stages, transform what can be seen and heard into a written document. This opens the doorway for spontaneous video to be converted into a hard copy with seemingly minimal effort. This would include speeches, presentations, guest appearances, demonstrations and any other unplanned event that was captured on video which in hindsight needed to be placed in a format that is readable.

Having a video transcription prepared can be likened to taking a roundtrip on a train that is loaded for both departure and arrival at the location. Like the train journey, every stage along the way is critical to the end result, which is why this sensitive process can only be handled by transcription professionals.

Ten video files requiring transcriptions can be uploaded in the more popular video formats by using the browser button on the site, up to a maximum of eight hundred (800) megabytes per load. Depending on the format uploaded the correct conversion software is used in order to extract the audio. This is where the journey begins!

Video makes the entire audio to text conversion simpler because the visual element can be used as a secondary prop where the dialogue is unclear. Using the best video transcription and speech recognition software available on the market, the dedicated staff members have mastered the art of taking a speech and making it an accurate text document.

Transcription companies enhances its documents at production with a feature that comes as part of a new piece of software called ListenLink™. Ajay Bora with 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP offers his thoughts, “Areas of the audio that may have contained crosstalk, is unintelligible, or inaudible, can still be accessed directly through a link that when clicked with the mouse, goes directly to that part of the dialogue. There is no way a software program will be able to determine external chatter distorting the original audio. The reader of the transcripts is then able to listen to the original audio portion of that video.”

Each client has the opportunity to use a combination of menus and tabs to give directions, guidelines, time frames and to choose from one of the fixed budgets available. The formatting on the text document can even be specified for each uploaded file and the completed document is both emailed and posted to the client’s account as soon as they have been checked and completed.

Every aspect of the transcriptions process is transparent. The clients, transcribers, editors and project managers together form a team whose only objective is to load a video file at the departure station and to accurately have the file prepared for its arrival at the final stage of the journey when it has been safely transcribed and is in the client’s hands.